About Me

My name is Jason Wolfe and I’m Managing Director of Davies Technology Solutions, part of a multinational business that provides solutions to businesses that operate in regulated markets. That sounds a lot more glamorous that it really is, but basically I run a couple of different businesses that provide data and software solutions. I’m a geek, and have been all my working life. I’ve previously worked in the web, digital and innovation consulting.

I’m also a qualified and experienced hockey coach (field hockey if you’re in the US). I’ll generally watch any sport, but primarily mine are hockey, rugby and cricket. I like to think of myself as a “lay sports psychologist”, meaning I’m very interested in this field but have zero qualifications or professional experience. I’m interested in applying it to the teams I’m coaching, both sporting and in business.

And then finally I’m the chair of governors for my local primary school. I’ve been involved with the school for 13 years, and it’s given me some fascinating insight into (and a genuine interest in) how children learn and acquire skills and traits.

These blog posts are likely to cover each of these areas, and often the intersection of all three on a weird Venn diagram. And it will touch on anything else I’ve found interesting on my travels.

Personality-wise, I’m probably something of an introverted contrarian – which can be really irritating for others around me, but sometimes leads to interesting alternative viewpoints. I’d like to think I’m generally optimistic and enjoy supporting others to learn and improve. I’m trying to be more open about my own shortcomings and analytical in how I improve what I do.

As the title suggests, this isn’t meant to be a deep source of profound wisdom. It’s stuff that works for me. And it will probably change over time as I learn more and think more about what I’m doing.